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Is it possible to backup each blog separately from a multisite installation?

Can I do it with: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/backwpup/ ?

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Plugin recommendations have been made off topic, as aside current version of BackupBuddy should be able to do this. – Rarst Nov 18 '12 at 18:42

I've been thinking about this as a feature to add to DBC Backup 2 (my plugin). Currently the plugin will backup the WordPress database for your entire multisite.

The problem I found with wanting to backup a subsite is that it is impossible for the subsite 'owner' to restore from that backup.

The plugin could save all the tables in the WordPress SQL like wp_7_options and wp_7_posts but

  • the sub-site user can not restore the database (they'd need access to PHPMyAdmin for example) and
  • they can't use the backup to make their own WordPress single unless they can edit the SQL.

So all in all ... I think this is a nice to have but not sure if it's worth trying to develop it.

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That's a difficult one...

I've worked with XCloner, Backup to Dropbox and Backup Buddy, but never seen this feature.

After learning Multisite, I've mainly used BB, a premium one and pretty good. It cannot handle this, only exporting a subsite into a single site.

When I used it, Backup to Dropbox didn't had any Multisite capabilities. And, if activated in subsites, exposed all the blogs.dir folder.

I'm not certain about XCloner, as I stopped using it long ago. But it is certainly a good plugin.

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