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Wordpress currently uses the gettext feature which is available in php but unfortunately not in Javascript.
I have searched this matter on the web and have come up with this trick. But there is a problem as the php file needs to be called through Wordpress system for the gettext feature to kick in.
I'm wondering if there is any way to call a php file inside Wordpress so we can use the built-in functions and variables?
Or if anyone can come up with a better solution, that'd be super.

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WordPress has a nice function mainly for that wp_localize_script

To use it first queue your script:

wp_enqueue_script( 'My_Script_handle', 'path/to/script.js' );

then create an array of strings you want to localize:

$data = array( 
   'exit' => __( 'Exit','my-plugin-domain' ),
   'open' => __( 'Open','my-plugin-domain' ),
   'close' => __( 'Close','my-plugin-domain' ),
   'next' => __( 'Next','my-plugin-domain' ),
   'previous' => __( 'Previous','my-plugin-domain' )

and call it using wp_localize_script

wp_localize_script( 'My_Script_handle', 'mystrings', $data );

then you can access it in the page using JavaScript like this:



you get the Idea.

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Hope you don't mind the edit :) - just wanted to make it obvious the language domain is needed. – Stephen Harris Mar 25 '12 at 19:20
Thanks, this is actually a better way. I was using wp_localize_script for ajax url, but it didn't come to my mind that I can use it for l10n. – Hamed Momeni Mar 25 '12 at 19:51
This one's one of the extremely good and well done answers! +1! – kaiser Mar 25 '12 at 22:47

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