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Im writting a plugin who makes dynamic pages with simple page template:

the url is rewriting so internally call to

and works, but the problem is, how I can index it to make searches?

Any ideas?

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You mean internal searches? or a google index? – janw Mar 27 '12 at 7:15

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Do you have at least have a link to the query url somewhere on your public pages ?

Google does follow query parameters, so that will at least bring it to the crawlers attention.


(I almost have the opposite with my event/calendar plugin. google is paying almost too much attention to the pages and their date query parameters (moving forward in time etc). See notes on that here )

Other good seo stuff will then help. Sitemaps etc

Also see if you can improve the markup on the page - if about people, then maybe some people microdata will help google index the page .(my plugin's html does event rich snippets) see Rich snippets - People:

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