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I want to hide wordpress signs from my site. So I don't want other people know that I built the website via WordPress. So I decided to remove wp- prefixes from all wordpress folders and files. And I also removed wp- prefixes from file contents with Notepad++. So my question is what problems maybe happen if I removed wp- prefixes ?

Thanks in advance.

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Editing core is extremely bad practice. At best you will break updates, at worst random thing would be completely broken all over.

See Steps to Take to Hide the Fact a Site is Using WordPress? for better alternatives.

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The obvious issue is that you won't be able to update anything. I suggest taking a look at the roots theme to see how you can make these modifications without touching core, which is never a good idea.

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I agree with the other answerers, that it's a bad idea to do what you've asked. However, you can rename the wp-content folder, and then point Wordpress back to it. For example, I rename my wp-content folder to media. If you take a look at the source code of smashingmagazine.com, you'll see media.smashingmagazine.com - this is their wp-content folder.

This article: http://sumtips.com/2011/01/move-rename-wordpress-wp-content.html explains it pretty well.

You can also rename the plugins directory - although I can't see why you'd need to do that.


Doing this does cause problems with some plugins - I had to mod the NexGen gallery to work with this.


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