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I have the following code in my functions.php file. It works, but I am wondering if this is best practice for including styles in wordpress. Also do I need to register the style with wp_reister_style, since it works without and why do I need to do so?

function mrskitson_load_styles(){
if (!is_admin()){
wp_register_style('main', get_template_directory_uri() . '/style.css');
wp_enqueue_style('main', get_template_directory_uri() . '/style.css');
}//if not admin ends
}//function mrskitson_load_styles ends
add_action('get_header', 'mrskitson_load_styles');
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Two problems:

  1. You only need to provide the script path once, either in the wp_register_style() call, or in the wp_enqueue_style() call, but not both. (In fact, in this context, it would be fine to omit the wp_register_style() call entirely, and just use the wp_enqueue_style() call.)
  2. You're hooking into the wrong action. Try hooking into wp_enqueue_scripots instead of into get_header. (Note: this will require the Theme to include a call to <?php wp_head(); ?> in the document head - but it should be doing so, anyway.)

Other considerations:

  • For custom styles/scripts, I would recommend prefixing the style slug; e.g. change main to srskitson-main.
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