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I update my permalink structure to /post/%post_id%/%postname%, but if someone uses a URL like /post/1234 instead of the full URL of /post/1234/bingo-rulz, WordPress shows the post without giving a 301 to the full URL. Isn't this poor SEO? Sites like tumblr and stackexchange auto 301 to the full URL. Any hacks/code/plugins/settings/etc to fix this? thanks

p.s. /post/1234/blah does get a 301 to /post/1234/bingo-rulz but /post/1234 does not and ends up in two separate URLs to the same content.

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Think I found a solution... Since anything after the %post_id%/__ will redirect to the full slug, a simple RewriteRule in the .htaccess file appears to do the trick. I had to place it above other RewriteRules and this is working for me.

RewriteRule ^post/(\d*)/?\z$ http://noahcoad.com/post/$1/a [R=301,L]

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