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I have a site with Taxonomy for State (Eg Victoria, Qeensland ETC) this taxonomy is called listing_state.

I also have a taxonomy called membership_type which can be Free or Paid. These 2 taxconomies are for a CPT of listings

If I click on a taxonomy for State it brings the results as expected sorted by post date, how would I list the Paid Memberships before the Free memberships.

I am using Genesis and Lifestyle theme

Thanks Richard

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I have changed membership_type to a custom field (meta) instead of a custom taxonomy. How would I now arrange for the archive page to be sorted by meta. Thanks Richard – user12548 Mar 18 '12 at 3:38

Other then two queries one for paid and on for free or creating a custom SQL query, its not possible natively.

That’s not what taxonomies are for. Taxonomies are for grouping, not for ordering by. If you want to order by something, it has to be something in the post itself, not a term in a taxo. Otto

So It would make more sense to set the Paid / Free as post meta and the sort by it.

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I've been thinking about this recently as well. As quoted from Otto, taxonomies are meant to group posts, so I think the best way to do something similar to what you want is to create a custom walker that groups posts of the same term and displays them as such.

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