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  1. In the Appearance Menu, submenu ‘Themes’ I prepared several custom banners which remain as menu choices if I do not want them any more. How can I erase them?
  2. After searching for answers I found a site http://yoast.com/wordpress-theme-anatomy/ that explained the inner content of a wordpress page. In what they call the ‘cheat-sheet’ for ‘my’ blog’ the header section is referred to as the header-php.
  3. In the FTP directory found on the godaddy server I found a listing showing among others file wp-blog-header.php. However, when I click on it the only thing that happens is for the square to the left to be marked. I assume it is within this file that I have to modify the HTML code so as to make the headers on each page independent (?)

Anybody could direct me as to what to do next? Thank you

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  1. find and delete the custom header images under dashboard -> media -> library

  2. that is referring to header.php in the folder /wp-content/themes/twentyten/

  3. don't edit wp-blog-header.php (this is a core file which should never be edited) nor header.php of your theme; simply set a 'featured image' for each page where you want a different header image; the image needs to have a minimum width of 940px.

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