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I want to make a cookbook style wordpress website, on which visitors can place comments inline. Like you do in a paper book with a pen: between the lines. Or like how MS Word handles comments.

Does anyone know a plugin that makes this possible? I've searched and searched, but all I found was this and it was of no use:


I don't get it to work and the developers page is nothing more than a logo.

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The linked Q/A doesn't do what you want to have. –  kaiser Mar 8 '12 at 15:35
After thinking a while about it: No, this is simply not possible. If you'd really try to do this, then it would add a major performance hit, as you'd have to count a lot, interact with single DOM elements, etc. IMHO you should leave this idea behind. +1 anyway for a nice "not in this world"-idea :) –  kaiser Mar 8 '12 at 15:38
Thanks Kaiser! I'm now thinking of doing it manually: Visitors can post normal comments and if they're worth sharing inline, the authors can copy the text and paste it in the post. My original idea can be simulated with a custom styled div for this copied text, that can be made with a customized tinyMCE button. –  kslstn Mar 8 '12 at 16:24
Shortcode + comment ID would be a way to go. Aggree. –  kaiser Mar 8 '12 at 16:26
Try using this javascript plugin Its independent and fast Annote js ( annote.in ) –  mareenator Mar 18 at 11:57

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There is a plugin with that readers can post comments inline, like in Microsoft Word.

The WordPress plugin bases on inlineDisqussions by Tsi and is called Inline Comments: http://wordpress.org/plugins/inline-comments/

Inline Comments adds the great Disqus Comment System to the side of paragraphs and other specific sections (like headlines and images) of your post.

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Outstanding. Suggestion for future development: make the comment system independent from Disqus if possible. –  Christine Cooper Feb 3 at 15:30
Yeah, that's what I want to do, definitely! Thanks :) –  kevinweber Feb 3 at 15:33
@ChristineCooper: I updated my plugin. Now Inline Comments performs independent from Disqus! Have a look: kevinw.de/inline-comments –  kevinweber Jun 6 at 16:03
That is, in every possible way, brilliant! How about performance? Does this plugin perform well when considering server performances? Is it running many more queries than because each paragraph has its on comment area etc? –  Christine Cooper Jun 6 at 18:42
It performs great. The plugin does not request additional comments "per paragraph". The plugin uses the native WordPress comments that are already loaded when someone calls an article page. The comments will be requested onetime and then displayed "hidden" or "visible" next to each paragraph (using jQuery). –  kevinweber Jun 11 at 16:45

It is possible, but I don’t know a plugin.

How it could be done (for the lazy web):

  • Add an id automatically to every paragraph, table, list or image.
  • Insert a small icon per Javascript after each element with an id to indicate that one can add comments. Maybe a counter for existing comments too.
  • On click move the comment form beneath the element to comment (like the native reply-script does it). Create a hidden custom comment field relates_to with the id as a value.
  • On submit save the custom field.
  • During the page output collect the comments for each element and place them wherever they should appear.
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