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I have WPTouch Pro installed and it does a great job at device detection as well as handling most blog posts. However, I want to make a mobile version of a homepage that doesn't have any blog posts. I know you can edit the css for a theme by making a child theme and editing it. Is this the preferred method to get WPTouch to show more content from the original page?

That link is here: http://www.koolkatwebdesigns.com/wptouch-and-custom-templates/

Also, someone is using shortcodes; not sure if this works for content that WPTouch is already ignoring: http://www.renegadetechconsulting.com/tutorials/generate-mobile-specific-content-using-wptouch-pro-shortcodes

Thanks in advance!

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You can write a Child Theme as for any other theme. This way you can

  • extend the functionality
  • override stuff that's wrapped inside a if ( ! function_exists('function_name') ) statement in the parent themes functions.php
  • override templates

There should be no real difference between such themes and normal themes.

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