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I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue on a client's site. There is one specific page which appears as "not found" unless you log in and then visit the front end, in which case it appears normally. The visibility on the page is set to public, and in every other way it's a normal boring wordpress page. Stranger still, it only started happening recently (after months of trouble-free use).

Problem page: http://www.leecamp.net/schedule/

Any ideas why this would happen?

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Try to reset your permalinks. If that doesn't work I'd make sure their isn't another page named schedule in the root directory.

It's possible there is an older (deleted page or post) with the same name stuck in the database as well. I've experienced this when I deleted a page or post and then created a new one with the same name.

Check the wp-posts table for a conflict.

Good Luck!

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Did you recently enable a caching plugin? I noticed this was happening after I installed W3 Total Cache. It's just serving up a cached version of the page, so make sure to clear the cache after you publish new content.

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This was my 'problem' - school boy error on my part. – Sam Oct 24 '13 at 13:27

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