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Hi I have a WordPress site where all the content is in English, however I need just one page to be in Arabic with left to right text, plus some bullets which obviously appear on the right instead of on the left, how do I go about creating such a page?

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@toscho is right about the direction of the text...

But as someone who builds websites in hebrew all the time i would reccomend
you create a custom page template by putting this tag in a copy of page.php

Template name: arabic page

THen you can design it differently... maybe remove the sidebar which is probably in english maybe make the structure different... you can even make the design a little bit different by loading additional css..

in that page you should use @toscho advice but i would implant the dir="rtl" command directly into that page so you would have better control.

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Yes, this is better … unless you want to write a post, not a page. To get templates for posts use the Custom Post Template plugin. – toscho Mar 6 '12 at 23:21
right as useall @toscho :) – Sagive SEO Mar 7 '12 at 6:35

Add a container to your markup:

<div dir="rtl"> your page content here </div>

If the post editor strips out the attribute, either post as (user role:) editor, or extend the list of allowed elements and attributes per plugin.

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