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I have no code to let you correct/see, I'm still in 'thinking stage'. What i would like to achieve is this: A real estate website with a few search functionalities. This new agency (REALLY NEW we have no office actually!) will split the city in 4 (or more) parts, in each one of these part there will be different houses, each house will have different number of rooms or will be available only to girs/boys.

So the user when reach my website have to be able to choose:

Search Form 1

  • Which Part of the city
    • Accept boy/girls/both
    • Budget

Search Form 2

  • Accept boy/girls/both
    • Budget
    • Which part

And so on... Maybe the best way to have a simpler search query would be to use Custom Field, Am I wrong?

Is there anyone who can help me to find a tutorial, or can point me to the right direction or has/know a plugin to do something similar?

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I solved my problems using this simple plugin: http://www.don-benjamin.co.uk/tag/custom-search/

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