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I am currently loading a single post using ajax. While the post loading works ok, I cannot get the comments to load. Here is my code:

My javascript to load the post:

$(".view_post").click(function(e) {
    postid = $(this).attr("rel");
                    success: function(html){

The javascript goes through functions.php this way:

function implement_posts()
    get_template_part( 'loop', 'single' );

Now here is the code where I actually load my post content:

    $linkid = "p=".$_POST["postid"];
    $posti = new WP_Query($linkid);
    echo "Time: ";
    the_time('F jS, Y');
    echo "<br />";
    the_category(', ');
    echo "<br />";
    echo "<br />";
    echo "<br />";
    <?php if (have_comments()) {
    echo "Comments ok";
        echo "No comments";

Now, even for posts having comments I am getting "No comments" displayed. Everything else works correctly. Can anyone help me out?

Thank you.

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$linkid = "p=".$_POST["postid"]; is not verry sql injection safe. although wordpess checks this you might wanna do it yourself. – RTB Jul 31 '12 at 22:49

To quote the Codex on the have_comments function:

This function relies upon the global $wp_query object to be set - this is usually the case from within The Loop

The problem is that your ajax handler creates its own WP_Query object. Note that you are not calling the_post(), instead you are calling $posti->the_post(). Same logic applies to comments as well.

Try the following:

if ($posti->have_comments()) {
    echo "Comments ok";
}  else {
    echo "No comments";
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On my opinion, it would be better to go with a JQuery .load($[this].attr('href') '.div-with-content-and-comment');

Than make sure you have a single.php that has the markup with the class="div-with-content-and-comment" you want to load via ajax.

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Look at the source of have_comments() - this check retrieves data from global $wp_query object, which is not used in your case.

So the first step would be to replace have_comments() check with $posti->have_comments().

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