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Is there a way, (or a plugin), that allows members to have their own photos on their profile page? I want to limit the amount of photos to perhaps 50. Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance!!!

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While answering this Q, stumbled upon this other one: add 'file upload' field to user details, which may be a duplicate and where Bainternet suggests Cimy User Extra Fields.

Advanced Custom Fields can do the job.

Without any premium Add-on* this can be solved adding Image fields to the Users pages:
enter image description here

Which results in this:
acf result

* http://www.advancedcustomfields.com/add-ons/
The Repeatable Fields would make this less cumbersome. And just learned that there's a new add-on: Gallery, that seems quite interesting for managing images.
But, in those cases, I guess you'll have to create some jQuery to control the maximum allowed pictures.

You'll probably need/would-like to restrict the access to other users uploaded files.
See: How to hide media uploads by other users in the Media menu?.

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