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I am using my rails application to send data to a wordpress site. Basically if a user has wrong password, I am going to end the reverse proxy and redirect the user back to the wordpress site but I want to pass data along. In Rails, I use Net::HTTP to send data to another server:


Now in WordPress I'm not sure how to receive it.

thanks for response

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I think you're basically recreating what the »JSON API Plugin« already does. It should work hands in hands with your Ruby App without a problem and server all your normal as well as CPT tasks.

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Actually now I am redirecting the user and passing data in query string. And so when it redirects to wordpress page, I want to just add a line of php: if ( isset($_GET['invalid_password']) echo "invalid password"; Is there a place i can put this line of code? – JohnMerlino Feb 28 '12 at 19:47
The wp-login.php has dozens of hooks - just take a look at it and search for do_action and apply_filters. Then hook into them from your functions.php file (or better from a custom plugin). Anyway: You might be better off, just taking the mentioned plugin. – kaiser Feb 28 '12 at 20:16

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