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Good evening. :)

Well, my mother is currently using a wordpress installation for her day to day blogging. Often, a post consists of some text and a few images, which are displayed via the very nice flexslider script. Usually, when the post is ready, I handle the flexslider part. However, I'm not always around, so posts get delayed, I get calls... You know. :) I'd like her to be able to do it herself, so I was thinking about writing a quick and dirty little plugin.

Basically, just select some images from the library and paste the code into the editor. Nothing fancy, this shouldn't take longer than a night or so.

The problem is, I've never developed anything wordpress, so some tips would be greatly appreciated. Of course, I'm not afraid of reading the documentation, but I don't have the time to really dive into it right now.

Thanks for your time. :)

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Just take a look at the RW_Meta_Box library to add a drag and drop interface to add images as post meta data. That's the most easiest approach, plus it uses the new »WP Pluploader«. For more details take a look at this answer on how to customize it and read a little in the TenderApp Knowledgebase for a how-to.

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Thank you very much, I'll look into it. :) – user13537 Feb 26 '12 at 18:36

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