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OK doing a website for a client who has a multi-level video gallery. All the video gallery plugins I found (even paid ones) don't function the way we need it to. I thought of rolling my own solution but it would probably take too long.

The gallery must:

  • Be able to support videos in sub-folders
  • Allow users to navigate these sub-folders using a menu system
  • Show a player, then below that, show thumbnails of the other videos in the current folder
  • Allow the user to search for videos
  • Play the next video in the current folder once the current video is done playing (optional)

Does such a plug-in exist? If not, I might do my own.

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The media library isn’t organized in folders. You can add taxonomies or post meta data to individual files to group those. – toscho Mar 1 '12 at 20:57

rarely are plugins precise o our needs. Though something to look into is a PHP class or library for this. Just because you are using WordPress doesn't mean you can't use other methods and include them on a custom template page or template part.

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