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I'm using a us/news/%postname%/ structure for my permalinks. This works great for regular posts.

However, I have a few different custom post types, and I don't want the us/news part in their slug.

How do I have it both ways?

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You can do this by setting 'with_front' => false while registering the new custom post type, To remove the custom post type slug which Wordpress adds by default, pass 'slug'=>'' empty.


//Example - how to pass array to rewrite
$args = array(
    // This rewrite settings will remove the slug you want also the slug - /custom_post_type/
    'rewrite' => array('slug'=>'','with_front'=>false),

Reference - Register_post_type()

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You could change your permalink structure to /%category%/%postname%/ and add the posts to a News category.

If you don't always want US in the URL, I suppose you could make a US category as a parent, then add the News category to it as a child. You'd have to duplicate for every country though. So you'd have to have UK -> News, then CA -> News, etc.

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