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When i create a new page, a permalink is created: www.example.com?page_id=29. This page is always pointing to the page which id is 29. Now, i want to point it to the root page in my website: www.example.com. I think it has to do with the permalink, but i can't change it. can you help me there please.

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You want to do this dynamically? Every time a new page is created? – s_ha_dum Apr 28 '13 at 1:53

Your solution is unnecessarily complex. If you go into Settings->Reading you can set a static homepage and pick which page you want that to be.

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I found it, just i had to install this plugin, then when editing the page, in the bottom a new input is added to put on it the link that i want my page point to, in my case i have put www.mydomainname.com. Hope this help people running in the same problem.

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