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So I'm trying to create some custom fields for users. I need to give users access to a 30 day trial of some software and I want to keep track of that in the users page of administration panel. If the user is in the trail I want to add "Trial" at the top and "Yes" or "No" next to the username on the All Users page. I'm assuming this would be a core file somewhere, but I'm not sure which one.

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Don't ever edit core files :( – helenhousandi Feb 20 '12 at 23:52
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You can hook manage_users_columns to add (and I suppose remove) columns from the All users display. This tutorial details that.

You might be able to hook user_edit_form_tag to do the trial vs not trial at the top...but I'm not sure, you'd have to tinker with it. I think you'll probably end up having to use something else (WP_Error might be a good way to go), but that would be where I started.

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