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I have a multisite install with about 40 blogs. All blogs but one (id=5) works fine. In this one blog, when trying to access the users list it shows an empty list (header & footer) with the text 6 items below the list footer.

When trying to create a new user on this blog I can see that the roles dropdowns are empty (thus not allowing to create a new user).

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Had the same problem. The issue was in wp_options table. Find line where option name is wp_user_roles and look what's going on there. This line is responsible for user roles, and if they are an a mess, users canot be shown as well. Better copy option_value from the other table.

(Change wp_ to your prefix).

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Not everyone knows what those roles are supposed to look like. Can you clarify this? – s_ha_dum Nov 29 '12 at 6:11

Without access to your Database or Code it's really hard to give you something like a useful solution.

But here go some possibilities:

  • Deactivate all the plugins on this blog
  • Change the theme

If both of these doesn't work, try checking for the wp_5_options on this blog, I thing it might be a problem with the row with this "option_name" wp_5_user_roles, go to a working blog and copy the contents of this option and past on this one. Don't forget to backup.

Hope I could help on something.

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Thanks, already tried all these. It's not a plugin/theme thing (tried changing + all the network uses the same plugins/theme). In the DB there isn't such row on the options table for 4 blogs I've checked (3 working one with problem). any other idea ? – hannit cohen Feb 20 '12 at 10:42
It must be something on the database, otherwise all the blogs of the network should break on that. I would say to copy this code from this link and then create this row on your wp_5_options, I was checking all of my Blogs have this row. See mine – Webord Feb 22 '12 at 4:46

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