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I wrote my first ShortCode in a file called: myShortCodes.php.

Does the add_shortcode go in the same PHP file as the ShortCode itself? Where do I upload it? How does WordPress know to look in my file?

I don't have to modify \wp_includes\shortcodes.php do I?

So far I have tried uploading myShortCodes.php to

  1. wp-includes/myShortCodes.php

  2. wp-content/themes/mytheme/skeleton/myShortCodes.php

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In general, special theme functionality (including shortcodes) should be placed in your theme's functions.php file, which is in the root of your theme folder. If the code is less than a few dozen lines, it probably won't be worth creating a separate file (unless you just really want to organize your code that way).

So the shortcode functionality and the add_shortcode() call should be in functions.php.

Let's say you do want to separate it though. You can include your myShortCodes.php file like this in your functions.php file:


And then you can have the code (including the add_shortcode() call) kept in myShortCodes.php.

It's recommended to not alter the WordPress core files (like wp-includes/shortcodes.php) or put anything in the wp-includes folder because then it's outside of your theme folder and any upgrades to the WP core will cause your changes to be lost.

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Your all your shortcode functions should either go in functions.php or a plugin file or be include'd/require'd from one of them.

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