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I'm working on a theme for a framework, and using shortcode to divide the layout, I've found the following problem:

Into a content, I can divide the container into 12 different parts, it also applies for content inside the content (and this is when problem comes), meaning, for sample, if I decide to set 8 and 4 columns, and then the 8 columns I want to divide it into 2 parts, I would need a structure like this:

  [8 columns]
      [content]   <-- PROBLEM IS HERE
          [6 columns]
             half of eight part 1.
          [/6 columns]
          [6 columns]
             half of eight part 2.
          [/6 columns]
  [/8 columns]

  [4 columns]
     some content here
  [/4 columns]

When I try to executed this logic, the second content is not being taken, and is displayed as text.. so... I thought the shortcode into a shortcode logic would work, however... it doesn't work if the SC is the same, in short works this (my code) is not working for me.

 function content_sc($atts, $content = null){
   return '<div class="content">'.do_shortcode($content).'</div>';
 add_shortcode('content', 'content_sc'); 

Any guessing???

Thanks in advanced!!!

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Referring to the codex article on shortcodes, you cannot use a shortcode within itself...which is to say that the following is invalid:


you should probably make an inner-content shortcode or something.

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This is what happens if you try to parse non-regular structures with regular expressions. -.- – Raphael Feb 19 '12 at 11:33

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