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Is there a built-in filter to add a custom icon and function to the WordPress "Uploads/Insert" toolbar? This is the toolbar that's located just above the content editor. The existing icon I want to replicate is shown in the blue circle of the image below.

I'd like to add a custom icon that loads the "Add an Image" wizard and passes a special parameter to the upload function such that the attached images get a special meta attribute they would not ordinarily get when uploaded via the standard icon.

The editor toolbar showing the location of the menu I'm interested in adding to

Update: With the help of tnorthcutt's answer below, I've managed to hook into the media icon filter. From here, I should be able to attach a jQuery click event to the image or href and trigger the opening of the media-upload.php, passing a parameter to process the uploads as special...

//Upload custom images
function addMediaIcon($initcontext)
    return $initcontext.
   ' <a id="myID" 
      onmousedown="return false;" 
      onclick="return false;" 
      onclick="javascript:alert()" title="" />
add_filter('media_buttons_context', 'addMediaIcon');
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I'm inclined to say that this is possible. For instance, the Gravity Forms plugin adds an image here. Start with looking at the media_buttons_context hook.

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yep, that's the one. I'm looking at a few examples now > wordpress.org/support/topic/… – Scott B Nov 18 '10 at 20:30
It's definately possible, the polls plugin on wordpress.com blogs does just that...of course i can't speak of implementation right now, but it's definately possible is all i'm saying..... ;) – t31os Nov 18 '10 at 22:36

You can also find a good example of using the media_buttons_context filter on the following page. http://www.morgadinho.org/2009/10/16/wordpress-media-buttons/

I know this probably covers what you have already, but wanted to share the link all the same... ;)

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