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is it possible to insert data through a script or HTML site into the wpdb and this will show up as normal article in the, the same as when I use the 'create new post' page?

Which tables are affected or should I care about?

BR, mybecks

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Yes its possible but why go over the trouble when you can use the native functions like wp_insert_post that will take care of the interaction with the database.

If you are still looking to do it directly by $wpdb then the post data is saved in the posts table, the meta data for posts is saved in the postmeta table.

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actually I use a plugin 'Custom Field Template'. With this I can attach extra information to a post. This don't work in a mobile browser. So I think about to develop a mobile page which has the same imput fields as my Custom Field Template and Post. – mybecks Feb 16 '12 at 10:24

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