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I am an experienced Drupal developer who is just getting stuck into Wordpress.

For a selected number of pages on a new wordpress build, I need to add them into a category, then add this category block to a page that shows the different categories (selecting them will act as a filter).

In drupal this would involve create a custom content type, a taxonomy and a views block etc.

How can the same be achieved in wordpress?

I know that I can create a sidebar and drop a widget into it. But I am struggling to workout how to create the block to drop into there and categorize these pages.

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You will only need a one basic function for the taxonomy, it's really straightforward: register_taxonomy().

If you want to use a custom post type, it's just as simple: register_post_type()

For the widget, it's a little more complicated. You'll need to look at how to register widgets, and saving values and such. All of that is covered in Justin Tadlock's EXCELLENT tutorial. You'll also probably need to look into WP_Query to query the posts, taxonomies and such.

That should get you going, if you have any specific issues implementing any of that, it's probably better served in a separate question that defines the scope of your question more...well...specifically! :)

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