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I have a multisite with 500+ subsites.

I would like to install the same theme in all 500+ sites. Most of them requires configuration like selecting sidebar(left/right), Selecting primary menu etc.

Is there any plugin available to do this job? OR Can anyone give me some idea?


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If you configure your Theme settings code properly, the Theme will work fine without having any user-defined settings.

The key is to define a defaults array, and anytime you need to output a Theme option, run an array_merge() on the defaults array, and the theme's options DB entry. Something like this:

global $mytheme_options;
$mytheme_options = mytheme_get_options();

function mytheme_get_options() {
    // Defaults array, defined elsewhere
    $option_defaults = mytheme_get_option_defaults();
    // Return parsed args
    $options = wp_parse_args( get_option( 'theme_mytheme_options', array() ), $option_defaults );

Then you only ever use the globalized $mytheme_options, which will always contain either the default option, or the user-defined option, if defined.

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Thankyou........ :) – Giri Feb 10 '12 at 15:50

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