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I've installed a store theme and my client asked me to use a different homepage before the current default homepage he wants to name site.com/store.
So I've renamed the original index.php to store.php and created another index.php.

How can I do now to create a link to store.php from index.php?

the contents of store.php cannot be posted in a static page because it's full of php code for last products etc.

Does exist some way to point it?

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Please familiarize yourself with the WordPress templating system, beginning with the Template Hierarchy.

In the WordPress template system, a specific template file, front-page.php, is used for a customized site front page. (Note also the nomenclature; in WordPress parlance, the home page refers to the Blog Posts Index, and not to the Site Front Page.)

So, you simply need to create front-page.php, and include in it whatever front-page content you want to display.

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thanks you for the info now I have created a working front-page.php, It's not clear to me how to add the store page now, I have the front-page which can link to articles, but how can I create a working store page? I've tried home.php and index.php but I get a 404 not-found page. – vitto Feb 9 '12 at 16:37
WordPress does not recognize a template file named store.php. You need to put that content in front-page.php. – Chip Bennett Feb 9 '12 at 17:37

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