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I'm making a blog where only on specific pages I want to show different sidebar, I will add some widgets to those sidebar, which I don't want to show in default sidebar.

I've found a coding method to do this, but I would like to use a plugin, and not edit code myself.

I need to give the control of adding/removing sidebar/widgets in client hands.

So is there any plug-in to do this easily?

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A client of mine recently used a plug-in similar to Widget Context to accomplish this.

Rather than create different sidebars you just define what contexts you want your widgets to show up in. So if you have a set of widgets you want to show up on a specific page, you mark them to only show up on that page. But it allows you to continue using widgets that show up on every page/post if you want.

The convenience of this plug-in is that you don't have to code anything, and it's got a fairly intuitive UI you can put in the hands of your own clients.

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+1 WoW, going to check this – metal-gear-solid Nov 17 '10 at 5:46

I prefer widget logic over widget context. However, I can't recall the reason of it.

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I use Widget Logic as well. As I remember difference is this one has less UI and so more manual conditionals (which is fine for my needs). – Rarst Nov 17 '10 at 10:36
I tried both and found and "Widget Context" easier to me. – metal-gear-solid Nov 17 '10 at 16:37

Here's a plugin I just published called the Graceful Sidebar Plugin. This enables you to create custom content for each page or post. You simply create two custom fields in the page or post called "graceful_title" and "graceful_content" and drag the graceful sidebar widget to your theme's sidebar.

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I've used all of the plugins recommended here and I have to say, yours is a pretty good alternative, when you just want a bit of sidebar content to be associated with a given page. – Sam Murray-Sutton Jun 20 '11 at 9:22

You can also try Display Widgets, it gives you a drop down list with the pages and other areas that you want your widget(s) to be displayed.

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Note that the tutorial you linked to is for the Genesis Framework. If using Genesis, you can use Simple Sidebars.

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