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I'm trying to help someone troublesheet a custom theme they made. The blog is set to display posts on the homepage, but the homepage should be custom from the rest of the site. The theme has a home.php set up with the customization.

When we change to the theme, home.php isn't loaded. I printed a debug_backtrace() and see that it's actually calling page.php instead of home.php. According to the template hierarchy, page.php should be being called since I've not set a static page as the homepage.

What else can I check to see why it's calling page.php instead of home.php?

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You can use front-page.php as your homepage template. So just rename home.php to front-page.php and it should work.

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I just tried that, and it doesn't seem to affect anything. It looks front-page.php is only called for static pages, which we're not using for a homepage. – dragonmantank Feb 6 '12 at 21:19
That seems strange, both not working. Is it possible that some code in your theme changes what template is loaded? I've many sites using front-page.php with frontpage settings on "Your latest posts". – Rob Vermeer Feb 6 '12 at 21:26

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