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I am planning to start work on an urdu (language in pakistan) website theme. basically, it will be a newspaper themed website. Can anyone tell me how can i add urdu support in my theme. I dont want to change Admin UI language. Just whatever posts/pages I will insert should be in my native language. Any positive ideas will be appreciated. Thanks

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Language files? Take a look at translational functions (i18n) in Codex. – kaiser Feb 6 '12 at 9:50
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Take a look at the files for the default Urdu theme to see what is necessary.

WP Polyglots has some information too, the most important changes for 3.4 are listed on a dedicated page.

I think the main point are the fonts: Don’t rely on the browsers capability to find the best font file, embed a Urdu font per @font-face{} instead.

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