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I'd like to seperate the "write a New Topic" page by a button. but, I cannot find the "view topic"'s file. where is it? I found the write form.(form-topic.php)

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This will depend on your theme. But for the templates that come with the BBPress plug-in, the single topic template page is singe-topic.php. This in-turn doesn't do much, but call content-single-topic.php. This displays stuff like the password form for protected topics, displays topic description etc. and then loops through the replies to the topic with loop-replies.php.

content-single-topic.php includes the form to reply to the current topic. If you are after where the form to write a new topic is, that is in, content-single-forum.php, called from within single-forum.php.

These files will be within the plug-in's folder, unless your theme is 'bbpress-ready'. You can copy these files into your current theme and then add add_theme_support( 'bbpress' ); into your functions.php to tell WordPress to look there for the templates.- Then you can edit the templates there.

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Thank you very much! you gave me useful hints – JayteeHong Feb 5 '12 at 5:39

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