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I'm making a plugin that loads a specific template depending on a certain query var being passed, in effect creating a page for the plugin on the front end, as outlined in this post:

Create a page without adding a page in the Database - the first answer by Brian Fegter

So if I head to mysite.com/foobar I can use my custom template. However, if I hook a function up to wp_head and print out the paged query_var, it always returns 0, regardless of the value in the url (mysite.com/foobar/page/2, or example).

Any thoughts as to why this is happening? Is there a better way for my plugin to create a new page on the front end?

Thanks in advance.

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I resolved this myself. The problem being:


Which prevents any other query_vars from being created. To resolve this, a slightly more complicated rewrite rule combo is set up:


This takes into consideration the creation of the plugin's subpage 'foobar' and also allows for pagination within this page.

Hope this helps someone.

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