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So I know that setting up custom post types ranges from just registering them to adding custom permalinks, custom sorting, customizing columns in the admin, etc. I was wondering if anyone had a template or framework that they use regularly to set up custom post types in projects? Do you start from scratch every time or do you have a base line you start from that you customize?

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I was running this from scratch every time and it was quite time consuming. I built a framework for this last week and it's saved me a ton of time already. I'll push it to the plugin repo in a week or two and I'll comment here with a link. – Matthew Boynes Jan 31 '12 at 22:53
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The Custom Post Type Demos by toscho hold some nice basic classes, that you can use. I'd recommend taking a look at this source (as he's a trusted author and a pretty good coder).

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There is the promising Piklist which does a lot more than CPT (settings, widgets)

All in a fashionable way and very easy to maintain. (I'm not the author)

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I just started using Piklist and so far I'm very impressed – emersonthis Mar 26 at 19:26

I'm tending to just write code directly for adding Custom Post Types now, but I have used Easy Post Types (http://easyposttypes.com) before, I've found however that they've been slow to bring out updates and never responded to any bug reports I sent to them. I'd also suggest checking out the Magic Fields plugin (http://magicfields.org), since V2 it uses CPTs and offers a lot of useful features.

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