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I know there are tons of places that offer wordpress hosting but what I am after is one where I dont need to do all the upgrades, patches, SQL admin etc. Basically I want it like where you create your blog and that's it. You blog and don't have to worry about the admin side. I don't mind paying.

Why I want this? I am currently with but my site now has built up enough traffic that i want to start putting ads up which we all know isn't allowed on this is why i want to move away from them now.

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As there is no "right" answer to this question (many hosts are listed for personal preference), I'm converting this to a wiki question. – EAMann Jan 31 '12 at 18:44

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Search specifically for managed WordPress hosting. is a popular one.

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Here are some popular companies that provide managed WordPress hosting, from highest to lowest price (starting packages):

  • WPEngine (starting at $29/month)
  • Synthesis (starting at $27/month, for Genesis Framework users only)
  • ZippyKid (starting at $25/month)
  • (starting at $19.95/month)

It is worth choosing a host who specialises in WordPress, in my opinion, especially if you like the ease of use of but want more flexibility to install plugins and themes.

I've been using ZippyKid for six months and have been really pleased with them.

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