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I am designing my first e commerce site with wp e-commerce. My problem is, that I installed the simple shipping plugin, ind I set on fix rate shipping. After the I go to the front end, and buy something, click on the purhchase, and i see my cart, with the details. I can see the two options i set for fix rate. But the problem is that above the shipping options there is a sentence that wouldnt be there: "Please choose a country below to calculate your shipping costs". But I set fixed rate shipping so this sign wouldnt be there. How can i delete it?

Thank you very much

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Ensure that ONLY fixed rate shipping is enabled, even if the others are not setup, if they are checked (in the shipping tab) then they will try to output.

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Thank you, but other shipping otions is not checked. only the fixed rate ahipping. I dont know what is the problem. – Heger Roland Jan 29 '12 at 14:34

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