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I have found some nice True-Type fonts on the web, and I would like to use them for specific roles in a specific theme of my WP blog (e.g., H2 or post titles).

How do I change the theme to use the fonts for these roles?

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One, you could edit all the instances of the title in the theme files. You can use current_user_can to differentiate between roles. WP Codex

You may also be able to use a filter instead of having to edit all the theme files.

add_filter( 'the_title', 'wpse40503_changetitlefontonrole');
function wpse40503_changetitlefontonrole($title) {
  if(current_user_can('change this to your role')) {
    if( $title == $post->post_title and !is_page() ) {
      $title = '<span class="specificrolefont">'.$title.'</span>';
  return $title;

And then do not forget to add CSS styles for the font.

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