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I customized a few sites. On my own i updated wordpress by diffing the (old) version and my site. Than i moved the folder away and put the new wordpress version and applied the patch. It seemed to work perfectly but binary files were missing (specifically plugin images). So i copied/overwrote the plugin folder.

I have a feeling i was lucky that it worked and i didnt do this right. Is diff/patch a good way to update wordpress? Should i be diffing my site from WP and apply it to the new version? Or should i diff the old version and new version than apply that patch to my site? There is also the issue about binary files. How do i update wordpress on customized sites?

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If you're editing core WordPress code then stop! You should be developing plugins/themes etc on top on the WordPress core files not editing them.

Editing core files could create security problems and any number of things, especially if the code in the update conflicts with code you've changed.

Best bet is to update WordPress and plugins either over FTP on using the update scripts within the admin.

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1) I'm editing only the files in themes 2) FTP overwrites. 3) Are you saying just replace all the files except in wp-content? – acidzombie24 Jan 27 '12 at 15:57
1) If you're editing themes, just make a child theme of the theme you want to edit. Then make your own custom theme files to overwrite the parent themes. 2) FTP is fine 3) If you're updating WordPress then yes just don't replace wp-content. – Alex Older Jan 30 '12 at 8:53

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