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Wordpress is automatically adding a trailing slash to my custom upload folder in Settings » Media. This is causing upload URLs (for example, for images uploaded through the Media Uploader) to get a double slash, as in example.com/files//myfile.jpg

Here's what happens:

  1. I go to Settings » Media

  2. Under Uploading Files in the field labeled Store uploads in this folder, I type in files, with no trailing slash. (This is consistent with the example listed next to the text field: Default is wp-content/uploads)

  3. Hit "Save Changes"

  4. The page reloads, and the upload folder is now files/, with a trailing slash.

I have tested other URLs (files/myfiles, uploads), and Wordpress always adds a trailing slash when I hit save. I have Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders unchecked.

What gives? How do I fix this?

I am on 3.3.1, but this was happening in 3.2 as well.

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You can do an untrailingslashit() also.

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