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A client of ours has a web application written in PHP, but has commissioned us to develop the front end for the website but wants us to integrate the current PHP web application (a package tracking system) into the Wordpress site (our cohoice). What's the best practice to do this? Making the existing application into a plugin is that an approach? ..

Right now the existing web application , requires login and then establishes a session with the user. Can this web app co-exist within Wordpress or do we just need to it in or just link to it as a separate app.

are there any best practices for this sort of thing?

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how exactly do they want it integrated? One login for both systems? Admin the old system from WP? just having both systems available at the same time? Some HTMl/CSS look-and-feel? Need more info. – Steve Claridge Dec 8 '12 at 10:48

Of course they could co-exist. The question is how much time and energy you want to put into it.

If it were me I'd probably just link the logins and then add a link to the php app inside of WordPress. For example, if the user logs in inside WordPress it logs them into the app, then in the sidebar it has a submenu to the app with the user already logged in. Then if they logout of one make it so they log out of both.

This should be fairly easily done with sessions and wouldn't take to much energy.

Creating a WP plugin would be nice but it may be a lot more work than its value in my opinion at least.

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