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A funky cafe changes their menu every month, and they're not comfortable with using the default Wordpress editor to make a Wordpress page look the same as their Word doc. Example word doc here.

Can you think of a way to get this menu to display nicely as HTML inside their website?

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To recreate the word document in the visual editor is very easy. All I can see here is use of bold/italic/headings and paragraphs. Just edit the theme CSS to re-produce this. – Brady Jan 24 '12 at 15:30

Rock the custom fields? You could do this manually or by using a plugin such as magic fields or PODS.

I've never used PODS but I've been eying it for a while and think this may be your best route. You could do something like creating a category called "breakfast" and one called "lunch" then two text fields:

1) Item Name
2) Item Price


$pods = new Pod('breakfast');
$pods->findRecords('name ASC', 99);

while ($pods->fetchRecord()) {
    echo $pods->get_field('item');
    echo $pods->get_field('price');

They would then just have to add and remove food items based on month.

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Yes, +1 for PODS :) – kaiser Jan 24 '12 at 18:32

I am using a plugin called Simple Retail Menus ( http://whatwouldjessedo.com/simple-retail-menus/ ) I am using on a simple site that I am developing for a small grocery and deli. I have customized it with CSS. Here is an example of what I have done with it http://cutterswc.com/cottondale/category/menu/

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