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I just simply want to execute a SQL sentence inside of a post (i am using EXEC-PHP widget for that).

The problem are the quotes when i want to do something like


"select * from Table where name='$my_name'";

getting wrong quotes.... select * from Table where name=‘hello‘

i have tried streepslashes_deep, addslashes, stripslashes...

I think it shouldnt be so difficult... maybe its not my best day

any help?


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if you're communicating with the WordPress database itself, try using $wpdb->prepare() on your select string before running it as $wpdb->query() - it should format it for you.

Further reading: Codex

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Perhaps the plugin is modifying your single quotes. Double quotes are valid in SQL. What happens if you use double quotes and escape them?

e.g. "select * from Table where name=\"$my_name\"";

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Try seperating and concatenating stringss:

'select * from Table where name="'.$my_name.'"'; 
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