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In the wp_term_taxonomy table if I look at the category taxonomy, and then look at all its term_id and term_taxonomy_id, they are all identical. But when I look at the last 4, which are from my custom taxonomy, they don't match. What is a good explanation for this.

I am not allowed to add images yet since I am new, so, I am adding a link to the screen-shot. Thanks.

Screen Shot

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  1. term_id is a unique ID for the term.
  2. term_taxonomy_id is a unique ID for the term+taxonomy pair.

A taxonomy consists of sometimes many terms, so basically the term_taxonomy_id links the term_id to the taxonomy.

All info on these can be found here:


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Thanks Jared, for the link. – Faiyaz Haider Jan 24 '12 at 20:41

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