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I know that I can require all of the comments on my site to be moderated, but is there a way of forcing moderation for a specific custom post type (i.e. my CPT "species") whilst allowing instantaneous comments across the rest of the site?

Thanks in advance,

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Yes, this is possible. Comment moderation is an option, and is retrieved like any other option:


the get_option function applies a filter before returning the value...

return apply_filters( 'option_' . $option, maybe_unserialize( $value ) );

So what you'll want to do is add_filter('option_comment_moderation', 'check_moderable_post_types') and in your check_moderable_post_types function, check to see if the current post's post type is species. If so, return 1, and if not return the $value that is passed to the function!

Edit: This should do the trick:

add_filter('option_comment_moderation', 'check_moderable_post_types');
function check_moderable_post_types($value) {
    if (get_post_type() == 'species') return 1;
    return $value;
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Hi Matthew, thanks for this - works perfectly. Much appreciated! – dunc Jan 22 '12 at 20:03

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