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I'd like to add some text above my category archives, and I'd like to use the built-in Wordpress TinyMCE editor to do it. I've seen some plugins like black-studio-tinymce-widget which does a nice job of adding rich text to a widget, but I'd like to set up TinyMce to be used in the description area of the Edit Category page.

Is there a plugin to do this or how would I set up Wordpress to allow this?


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Something like this looks ot be what you are after http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/rich-text-tags/

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wp_editor() outputs the textarea(html codes), so, maybe you dont need to use that in functions.php, but use inside the page's source. (where that textarea is generated, for example like this:

<div class="blabla>
  <form action="" method="POST">
  <?php wp_editor( 'Hi,its content' , 'desired_id_of_textarea', $settings = array('textarea_name'=>'your_desired_name_for_$POST') ); ?> 
  <input type="submit">

note: it may wont work for add_option function..

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