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In "list-category-post", the shortcode parameter options [catlist id=1,2,3],[catlist id=-99],[catlist name='TestCategory'] don't work correctly.

It always shows posts from All categories.

How do I use "id" or "name" option? All other options are shown correctly. My WordPress version is 3.3.1 and I use twentyten theme.

My code is below:

[catlist id=-1,-2,-3 thumbnail=yes thumbnail_size=thumbnail orderby=date order=DESC numberposts=10 date=yes author=yes excerpt=yes excludeposts=999,1000,1001 content=no catlink=yes comments=yes morelink="Read more" categorypage=yes post_type=post]
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You have two conflicting parameters in your shortcode:

categorypage - Set it to "yes" if you want to list the posts from the current post's category.


id - To display posts from a category using the category's id. Ex: [catlist id=24]. You can include several categories: Ex: [catlist id=17,24,32] or exclude a category with the minus (-)

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Thank you very much~! –  JayteeHong Jan 18 '12 at 3:27
Glad I helped! If it worked correctly, you can mark this answer as correct. –  Fernando Briano Jan 20 '12 at 16:11

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