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the post_author_meta_box uses wp_dropdown_users showing the user name of authors. How do I display the email address in brackets next the author's name? Can one filter the wp_dropdown users do to this?

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the only filter hook called in wp_dropdown_users() function is wp_dropdown_users which pass a string of the dropdown in an html form so you can manipulate this dropdown at that hook with some major REGEX.

A better solution would be to use get_users() and create the dropdown your self, something like this:

$selected = 1; //just for example, you can get that by get_post_meta()
$siteusers = get_users(); // you can pass filters and option
$re = '';
if (count($siteusers) > 0){
    $re = '<select name="users_with_email">';
    foreach ($siteusers as $user) {
        $re .= '<option value="' . $user->ID . '">'.$user->user_nicename . ' ('.$user->user_email .')</option>';
    $re .= '</select>';
    $re = str_replace('value="' . $selected . '"','value="' . $selected . '" selected="selected"', $re );
echo $re;
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I dont want to edit the core, how would one do this with a plugin? Is it possible to replace the wp_dropdown_users() function with my own and not break wp admin elsewhere? – Innate Jan 16 '12 at 18:34
ok nice.. figured this out thanks to you: pastebin.com/RD58LANm – Innate Jan 16 '12 at 21:15

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