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I'm looking for a way to create an if...else statement hinging on whether pretty permalinks are active or not. So I need something which returns true when permalinks are changed from the default.

if (pretty_permalinks_are_on) {
   do this;
    } else {
       do that;

Sort of thing. Just have no idea about the 'pretty_permalinks_are_on' part.

If anyone would extend the hand of compassion and throw some crumbs to a php noob, I'd be a grateful learner :)

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get_option( 'permalink_structure' ) is your friend. If you're using the default it will be set as an empty string:

if( get_option( 'permalink_structure' ) !== '' ) {
    // custom permalink enabled code
} else {
    // no permalink 
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Brilliant! Thanks Simon – Rothbert Jan 17 '12 at 0:19

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