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I'm trying to create child theme for theme i'm using on my site... I read lot's of articles about this, but can't find simple tutorial or simple explanation how to do it...

As i understand so far, if i copy (for example) loop.php file to child theme, and change

if(is_home()) { 
  do something

from original loop file to

if(is_home()) { 
  do something else
  and do another more thing

my function will be executed and original function will be ignored? Is this right?

Thanks in advance

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You are correct. The child theme would over-ride the parent theme's loop.php if you made changes.

As for a simple tutorial I did a simple Google search, after a quick overview this one seems pretty simple: http://op111.net/53/.

Just in case you haven't been there, here is the WordPress Codex Page.

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